Muffin Break Café

Crocs Playcentre and Muffin Break have formed a partnership, bringing together two trusted brands to deliver family fun, immaculate service and to providing carers and their kids a ‘me-moment’. We offer signature beverages and delicious wholesome food with healthy options, made fresh daily.

Muffin Break is the perfect option for catering for kid’s birthday parties, taking home your own catering for any events you may have, or even having a mothers group at one of our play centres while your children have a great time playing on our equipment.

All of our locations have a Muffin Break café.

Muffin Break menu

Aside from the baked and prepared food made fresh daily, Muffin Break offers a large and innovative range of other items to suit every occasion. Wholesome, healthy options for the whole family.

Our delicious muffins

Early each day our bakers are preparing and baking our world-famous muffins. With constant innovation, there are now over 200 different varieties of muffins to choose from.

Some of these include: Traditional, Low Fat, Gluten Free (sweet and Savoury), Bran, Dairy Free, Premium Delight and Muffin Lab

Lunch items

Are another popular range on our menu. Enjoy wraps, sandwiches, pies and pasties, tartlets, savoury slices and salads.

This diverse range of products caters for the dietary needs our customers by o ering gluten-free, diary-free, low-fat, and lower carb products.

Breakfast range

Why not stop in on your way to work and enjoy our delicious breakfast selection.

Sweet treats

For our sweet tooth lovers, Muffin Break serves its famous carrot cake, loaves, scones and much more. All of these are prepared and baked fresh by our bakers.

We also have a wide range of tailored kids and party options available. To Find out more information on Muffin Break click here.